Blue Button Plus Blog Oxva Vapes – The Xlim SE 2 Review

Oxva Vapes – The Xlim SE 2 Review

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Oxva vapes is one of the top pod brands on the market, offering a range of sleek designs that combine style with superior vaping performance. Their sleek, compact and lightweight devices feature premium materials, bespoke coils and sleek pods for mouth-watering flavours and vapor clouds that rival the competition.

The Xlim SE 2 is the latest addition to the OXVA Xlim family of devices, and packs an impressive amount of features into its small, pocket-sized design. Its impressive adjustable wattage output caters for both MTL and RDTL vaping styles, while the 0.42 inch screen displays useful information in an easy-to-read format. The device is also compatible with all OXVA Xlim pods, allowing you to choose between side-filling V2 pods and top-filling Xlim C pods (which are sold separately).

OXVA Vapes H2: Dive into the Future of Portable Vaping

Another notable feature is the voice function, which tells you things like battery life, current wattage output, and more, without needing to press any buttons. It’s also equipped with an attachable fabric lanyard, making the Xlim SE 2 easier to use for vapers with dexterity issues or mobility challenges.

As well as the aforementioned adjustable wattage and voice function, the Xlim SE 2 boasts a comfortable 900mAh battery that lasts all day for most users, despite its relatively small size. It’s also a breeze to refill, with both a large side-filling hole and a convenient snap-open silicone stopper on the pod. Despite the smaller size, it’s still capable of producing huge clouds and impressively robust flavour, with minimal leakage.

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