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Flirting Techniques & Attraction

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Flirting Techniques  Attraction

Flirting Techniques & Attraction

Many people have an image of what flirting looks like, dropping smooth one-liners and batting their eyelashes. While some flirting behaviors may involve this, it’s also possible to flirt for a number of other reasons: to see if there is romantic or sexual potential, to make someone feel good about themselves or simply because they are interested in connecting with others. Go here

In general, most of the flirting techniques that work across genders are based on non-verbal cues. For men and women alike, smiling and eye contact are universal indicators of interest in another person. For example, if you notice someone smiling in your direction, smile back to show that you share the same sense of humor. In a recent study, researchers found that making the other person laugh is an effective flirtation tactic for both men and women. Whether you are trying to attract someone for a long-term relationship or just for a one-night stand, being nice and funny is more likely to increase your chances of success than being tall, sexy or rich.

Mastering the Art of Flirting: Techniques and Strategies for Successful Attraction

Other effective flirting techniques include showing your interest in the other person by listening closely and repeating what they say to demonstrate that you are attentive. Demonstrating confidence through open body language is considered attractive as well. To hone your skills, try to mimic the body language of a celebrity or someone you admire who seems confident. Practicing this technique will help you to appear confident and to build a positive rapport with your crush.

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