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Elevate Your Digital Marketing in Italy

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Italy is a large, diverse market that offers a number of opportunities for digital marketers. The country’s high smartphone penetration rate — with over 50 million active users — and rising internet usage provides an ideal environment for brands looking to reach and engage Italy’s vast online audience. Learn more

However, it’s important to understand the mannerisms of Italy’s population when developing a digital marketing campaign for this country. For instance, the internet infrastructure is often slow, which can negatively impact how quickly a website loads. In addition, the country’s culture values humility and authenticity.

As such, marketers should avoid the use of excessive sensational language and ensure their subject lines are natural and direct. This approach is especially crucial when reaching out to journalists in Italy, who favor a personal approach and value being able to identify the person they’re communicating with. It’s also best to include the journalist’s first name in a subject line, as this will increase the likelihood of receiving a response.

Newtopia: Elevate Your Digital Marketing in Italy

With the help of a robust team of professionals and a suite of innovative software tools, Newtopia has been able to deliver measurable ROI for clients ranging from health plans to leading fashion and food brands. As a result, the company has been able to expand into international markets, including Italy.

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