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A chiropractor redmond is known to treat neck pain, back pain, shoulder problems, and headaches. The chiropractic profession uses the body’s natural ability to heal itself by restoring proper movement and alignment. The chiropractor redmond will use manipulation, stimulation, cold and hot treatments as well as exercise to aid in healing the injured area.More info

Is chiropractic good long term?

A former hockey player, Dr Mark was in a car accident in his early twenties and was treated with spinal manipulation and had great success in eliminating migraine headaches. He knew at that time he wanted to help others the way that he had been helped and returned to school in his thirties to become a Chiropractor.

He specializes in all aspects of health and wellness as well as treating sports injuries. He has worked with a diverse group of patients from auto accident victims, desk jockeys, high school and college athletes, seniors, and the everyday person seeking relief from neck pain and headaches.

Dr Hamilton has a passion for biomechanics and movement. He is a soft tissue and rehab based chiropractic physician as well as a strength and conditioning coach. He is part of a new wave of providers that use treatment modalities from various disciplines. This creates a unique skill set that allows him to be a highly effective provider for a wide range of health and performance issues.

During a typical visit the doctor will perform a thorough evaluation including a full history, orthopedic and biomechanical exam to find the cause of your pain or dysfunction. The doctors will then work together to design a plan to correct the problem and eliminate your pain. They will also discuss how to prevent recurrence of the problem by teaching you about posture, work ergonomics, activity level and exercise to keep your body healthy and strong.

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