Day: May 20, 2023

How to Prepare Hookah Vault ShishaHow to Prepare Hookah Vault Shisha

How to Prepare Hookah Vault Shisha ?Hookah smoking is an enjoyable recreational activity that involves using a water pipe to smoke tobacco that may have been sweetened or flavored with additives. The shisha is smoked through a flexible hose or mouthpiece and the smooth, sweet-smelling smoke passes through cooled water in the base of the water pipe. This activity, also referred to as argileh, goza, or narghile, has been practiced throughout Middle Eastern regions for centuries.

Why is my hookah taste so bad?

To maximize your smoking experience, it is important to prepare the shisha and ahtay before smoking. Taking the time to properly prepare and heat the tobacco will result in a much more flavorful and enjoyable experience.

First, cover the bowl with a piece of heavy-duty foil. Stretch the foil over the bowl, and pull it gently at the opposite edges to make it taut. Then, crimp the foil around the edges to secure it. If you do not have foil, a charcoal screen that fits securely on the bowl will work just as well.

Next, sprinkle the shisha tobacco into the bowl. Then, cover the tobacco with another piece of heavy-duty foil. Again, crimp the foil tightly over the tobacco to secure it. Finally, position the bowl on top of the shaft and fit it into a rubber sleeve.

Once you have the bowl and ahtay ready, you can start prepping the coals. Using quick-lighting coals will save you time and hassle, but they tend to produce more secondhand smoke than natural coals. Additionally, they burn quickly and can produce harsh flavors when not heated properly.