Blue Button Plus News The Role of Social Interaction in Online Football Gaming

The Role of Social Interaction in Online Football Gaming

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The Role of Social Interaction in Online Football Gaming

Despite the stereotype กลยุทธ์การ เล่นบาคาร่า that gamers shut society out, online games have proven to be an important source of social interaction. They provide an online community that can be a source of emotional support, even when one is not physically present. This is especially beneficial for shy people who struggle with face-to-face communication. They are able to communicate through the game, which allows them to meet new people while also avoiding the negative effects of social anxiety. It is therefore no surprise that many people who are shy or introverted find the online world to be a comfortable place to interact and connect with others.

More Than a Game: Exploring the Crucial Role of Social Interaction in Online Football Gaming

In this study, the authors analyzed a group of members from an online football simulation gaming site, surveying them at the beginning and the end of the season. They found that the social structure of the game influenced their interactions, with those who received more in-game social support and/or had less real-life social support were more likely to engage. In addition, those who played the game longer were more likely to have more frequent interactions with other members.

These findings indicate that social video gaming was an important mode of interacting with friends and providing bonding and bridging social capital during the early stages of the pandemic. Given that in-person socializing was discouraged, and people were encouraged to remain at home during this time, these findings suggest that gamers were able to maintain bonds with their friends through the virtual gaming environment.

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