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The Benefits of a NACE Inspection

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The Benefits of a NACE Inspection

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) is an organization that provides NACE inspections | tankproinc standards to determine whether pipes and other materials have the proper corrosion protection. NACE standards cover a variety of different materials and processes, including pipelines used in the transportation of oil and H2S-containing gases. NACE coating inspectors make anywhere from $40,798 to $65,868 a year, with the top earners in California making nearly ninety grand.

A NACE inspector is responsible for evaluating coatings on various structures. Their expertise spans from water tanks to pipelines, military installations, nuclear power plants to wastewater treatment plants. They also inspect shipyards and marine structures. In addition to these common places, NACE inspectors can also inspect underground structures. These types of structures are often more difficult to inspect and repair because of their location. This means it may take longer for problems to be detected.

As a Certified Industrial Hygienist, Pete Ross has over thirty years of experience in the coatings industry. He began as a safety specialist with a regional ironworker/painting company and later cross-trained to become an expert in coating inspection. From there, he moved to J.L. Manta, Inc., then one of the largest industrial coatings contractors in the United States. He rose to become an ESH Director and QA/QC Manager at J.L. Manta and NACE Certified Coating Inspector Training. In 2016, he went on to earn his Instructor designation with NACE.

The NACE Institute offers a standardized education for coating inspectors and corrosion engineers. A proactive coating management program supervised by a NACE inspector will protect your equipment and prevent critical failure. An inspector can also ensure the smooth running of your manufacturing line. With regular NACE inspections, you can avoid the costly delays and unexpected costs associated with a corroded coating. If you’re thinking of hiring a NACE Inspector, consider the following benefits.

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