What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is a complex concept that includes many components from nutrition to emotional state. A healthy lifestyle helps us to fulfill our goals and objectives, successfully implement our plans, cope with difficulties. Strong health, supported and strengthened by the person, will allow living a long and full of joys life. In this article, you will learn how to keep fit and stay healthy. The advice will suit every conscious person who has decided to take the path of recovery and order the life.

Health is the invaluable wealth of each person. A healthy lifestyle is a prerequisite for:

  • Full development of various aspects of human life;
  • People's achievement of active longevity;

Active participation of a person of any age in social, labor, family activities. Modern people have a less mobile lifestyle, eat more food and have more free time. At the same time, the speed of life has increased significantly that a lot of stress factors. The doctors note that the number of hereditary diseases is increasing every year. Thus, the question of how to stay healthy (spiritually and physically) and at the same time live long and actively becomes very challenging.

The benefit of a day's regimen

To begin with, the regime of the day should be reviewed. No healthy life schedule can include going to bed after midnight and awakening at 2 pm at weekends. You must try to organize your time.

Rational division of work and rest involves a reasonable alternation of periods of physical and mental stress with periods of complete relaxation. In other words, your sleep should be full (7-8 hours for an adult) and the same for days off, you should rest a lot at the weekends.

Balanced diet

Any recommendations for a healthy lifestyle include advice on rational nutrition. The basic principles of a balanced diet are the following:

  • Restriction of having animal fats;
  • Substantial restriction of animal protein food (it is recommended to use mainly dietary meat such as poultry, rabbit);
  • Avoiding of fast food;
  • Split meals (a small amount of food at a time);
  • Say “No” to late dinner and alcohol;
  • Using only fresh products;
  • Optimal drinking regime;
  • Restriction of coffee and strong tea.
  • And in case if you want losing weight or gain lean muscle mass you can add to your ration a protein bar

On the whole, food should be exceptionally natural and contain all the necessary macro and micro elements, vitamins.

Active lifestyle

In order to preserve the functional status of the organism, moving is a necessary part of a healthy lifestyle. What kind of physical activity to engage in, everyone decides himself, in accordance with his age, temperament and capabilities. This can be sport in the gym, walking or running, swimming in the pool, cycling, gymnastics, yoga.

Refusal from addictions

Smoking, alcohol, harmful food (salty foods, chips, sweets, soda) are all factors that destroy health. A healthy and conscious life presupposes a categorical rejection of the above "pleasures" in favor of more healthy options.

Strengthening the body and preventing diseases

Enhancing the immune system is a complex exercise requiring a phased and patient incarnation. Strengthen the body can be achieved with the help of medicines that enhance protective forces (eleutherococcus), herbal formulations, and cold training.

Cold training doesn’t mean swimming in an ice-hole and pouring with cold water. To begin with, a normal contrast shower is suitable. Body cold training improves the immune system, strengthens the vascular system, stimulates the autonomic nervous system and raises the general tone of the body.

Never forget to control your weight. Overweight is always an additional risk of cardiac, vascular, endocrine and other pathologies.

If you want to be healthy, keep a healthy lifestyle. Your new motto must be more physical exercise and fresh air and no lying on the couch! Try to get as much positive emotions and take care of proper nutrition. Go forward and good luck !