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Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

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Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

Lighting Tower Hire are an essential piece of equipment for many jobs, allowing crews to work safely after dark. But helping a contractor choose the right tower for their job can be confusing and often depends on more than just the power source. The size of the site, the power usage and whether it is a diesel or electric model are just some of the key factors to consider.

Mast height is a big consideration, with many different light tower hire products on the market, all of which have different mast heights and lamp configurations. This will have a major impact on the area that can be illuminated, so it is important to talk to your tool hire company about the tower lighting specifications and find out how much illumination each tower can deliver.

The Benefits of Hiring Lighting Towers from Specialists

Another thing to think about is whether the tower light uses metal halide or LED lamps. Both are very effective, but LED lights use less energy and are fuel efficient, meaning they can help a contractor reduce their operating costs on repeat jobs.

Finally, it is also important to provide instructions on proper operation and maintenance with each tower rental. This will help contractors make sure they are using their light tower in the best way possible for their specific task, ensuring it is working as efficiently as possible and that they are working safely. By helping a contractor choose the correct light tower for their job and giving them all of the information they need to get the most out of it, you can help them meet their project deadlines on time.

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