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Icy Tools Review

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Icy Tools is an analytics platform for the NFT (Near-Field Technology) community. The company provides developer tools, indexes blockchain data, and enables its users to set alerts. It was founded in 2021 and is based in Denver, Colorado. In 2022, it was acquired by QuikNode, but the terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed. The company’s mission is to provide visibility and value to the NFT community and to help users stay abreast of developments.

ICYTOOLS Acquired by QuickNode

Icytools offers an API that allows developers to track NFT prices, traits, wallets, and more. The API also provides market data from popular marketplaces. QuickNode acquired Icy Tools to integrate its API with its infrastructure. Icy Tools’ platform will remain intact while its GraphQL API will be moved to the QuickNode platform.

Another notable feature of Icy Tools is its detailed transaction history. It allows users to analyze the profitability of specific projects. It also provides links to marketplaces and websites where they can buy and sell NFT. Moreover, it provides profit leaderboards for individual projects, so users can easily identify who is profiting and exiting NFT projects.

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