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DumbartonHorror as baby in unattended pram falls down concrete steps in DumbartonWith no one watching, his pram rolled and fell down the steps, landing upside down at the bottom.Natalie RobbEmmerdale’s Natalie Robb on pervert torment as OAP sent pornography to her homeIT wasn’t the explicit nature of the photograph that shocked the Emmerdale star and her mum, it was the fact that the culprit had the gall to deliver it to Natalie’s home address.Natalie RobbEmmerdale actress Natalie Robb finally gets to be the bride but insists she’s not ready to tie the knot for realTHE soap star said she was delighted at her on screen wedding to Cain Dingle but she has no plans to walk down the aisle in real life.Natalie RobbScottish Emmerdale actress Natalie Robb buys guard dog to protect herself after she was targeted by OAP sex pestEMMERDALE star Natalie Robb was left sickened after a disturbing letter was sent to her home with pictures of her head stuck onto pornographic images of other women.Natalie RobbNatalie Robb: I’m enjoying country life on Emmerdale. But I’ll leave the hard work to the farmersFORMER Take The High Road actress Natalie is proud of what both she and the soap have achieved since her arrival, and is happy to be in front of camera instead of ploughing the fields in the soap’s rural settings.Natalie RobbEmmerdale’s Scots actress Natalie Robb reveals how her mum was sexually abused as childTHE Emmerdale star’s mum is pouring her emotions into a series of artwork which will be used to promote child welfare charity Children 1st.EmmerdaleSoap siren Natalie Robb insists she enjoys steaming up the screen as Emmerdale’s sexy widow Moira BartonTHE Scots actress insists her personal life is much less complicated than what she’s used to enjoying on the soap.Great Scot AwardsSunday Mail Great Scot 2012 awards: Courageous mum of murder victim wins our top honourJOYCE YOUNG, whose son James was stabbed to death aged just 18 pradabagsuk.net, was honoured at the glittering bash in Glasgow for her work warning young people away from a life of crime.Natalie RobbEmmerdale actress Natalie Robb says toyboy storylines mirror her real lifeTHE flings of farmer’s widow Moira Barton have provided Emmerdale with some of the raunchiest scenes in the show’s series.Celebrity NewsEmmerdale actress Natalie Robb admits romance takes a back seat to workEMMERDALE star Natalie J Robb is too busy for love.BBCScots actress Natalie Robb finally settles down by buying her first homeMAYBE it’s because she’s approaching 40, or maybe it’s because she’s feeling broody, but Natalie J Robb has finally bought her first home.BBCEmmerdale star Natalie Robb reveals how strict mum helped keep her on straight and narrow road to successEXCLUSIVE: When Natalie Robb was a teenager Cheap Prada Prada Outle, she was too scared of her strict mum to touch drugs.Amanda HoldenThe Hot 100: The Daily Record picks the top Scots of 2009THE Scots who made 2009 a year to remember. As selected by the Daily Record.EastEndersI’m on hunt for a man but be warned I can look after myself, says Emmerdale star Natalie RobbSERIAL soap star Natalie Robb is looking for Mr Right but would be suitors should take heed Cheap Prada handbags, she can look after herself and more.Ally McCoistBattling businessman is our Great Scot 2009 after amazing success storyBUSINESSMAN Jon Fleming was hailed our Great Scot 2009 last night 30 years after doctors warned he would not see his second birthday.Ally McCoistYOUR JOCKNEY RHYMING SLANG’S STEPHEN GLASSAFTER bemoaning the fact in last week’s column that Shereen Nanjiani is the only decent Scottish rhyming slang (okay Cheap Prada handbags, apart from Ian Rankin, Jim White and Natalie Robb) I invited readers to suggest a few other possibilities.Ally McCoistSEND ME SCOTS RHYMING SLANG.

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