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Choosing Wheel Casters

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The wheel caster is a machined rig designed to handle weights and provide mobility to an object. Casters come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. They are used for moving furniture, material handling equipment, and even carts. It’s important to choose the correct caster for your needs, especially if you have a particular working environment.

Does wheel weight affect performance?

Wheel casters are characterized by their treads, which can be soft or hard rubber. Soft rubber is great for protecting floors from damage and minimizing vibrations. However, it isn’t ideal for work environments that are highly corrosive. If your application involves chemicals, polyurethane is a better choice.

Rubber wheels have a smooth ride, but they tend to flatten when left parked for long periods of time. A solid caster has a resilient, cushioned ride, and it absorbs shock without breaking.

Forged steel wheels offer greater rollability and impact strength, and they are resistant to grease and oil. They also work well in high temperatures. Their durability makes them a good choice for harsh industrial applications.

The size of the wheel is one of the key factors to consider when choosing a caster. If your application requires frequent use, larger wheels are a better option. On the other hand, smaller wheels require more effort to maneuver. Smaller wheels are prone to breaking, and they can be difficult to use in a wide range of situations.

Some casters feature brakes, which make it easier to lock the caster to the vehicle after it has been moved. Brakes are generally found on swivel casters, but they can also be added to rigid models.

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