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Choosing an Escort Service

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If you’re considering hiring an escort service, you might be feeling intimidated by recent news stories about aggressive “end demand” sting operations and “john shaming”. It’s important to understand that buying sexual services is not something that should be done blindly. Just like choosing a restaurant or mechanic, it pays to do your homework to maximize your chances of a satisfying experience.

This article will cover several tips to help you make a smart choice when selecting an escort or an agency to work with. It will also help you avoid some common mistakes that can lead to disappointment and even legal trouble.

The first thing to understand about escorts is that most of them are independent contractors who offer their time for money. Most states consider it prostitution and a crime to talk about sexual activities that you might be able to engage in with an escort.

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Escorts advertise their services through classified ads and telephone directory listings. Most of them require prospective customers to call a telephone number and give them personal information before the prostitute will meet them. This allows the operator to verify customer information against prank calls, police undercover agents and other sources. The arm’s length relationship between the escort and the client can also allow the escort to maintain plausible deniability in case of any illegal activity or sexual encounters that may occur.

A good escort will be able to provide you with a variety of services. A typical menu includes FS and CBJ (full service, condom blowjob) but other sexual services can be requested such as oral, handjobs, and anal sex. These extra services typically cost more.

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