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Asphalt Paving for Parking Lots

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When it comes to parking lots, asphalt is a durable and cost-effective material that resists the stress and wear of high volume automotive traffic. But over time, asphalt can crack and deteriorate, especially in inclement weather and exposure to chemicals. Regular maintenance with a Tampa asphalt paving tampa fl contractor can help extend the life of your parking lot and prevent costly repairs.

How do you prepare asphalt for paving?

Parking lots are one of the most important and visible elements of any retail business. Paving’s efficient and proven process helps retail facility professionals prioritize parking lot maintenance, make a positive impression on customers/employees and save valuable time for the busy facility manager.

Commercial facilities are under constant pressure to increase productivity and manage operating costs. Our Tampa paving services allow facility managers to focus on the core business while saving money and reducing liability and risk exposure from asphalt and concrete repairs.

An asphalt overlay is a paving technique that layers new pavement over the existing surface without having to dig up the old layer and start from scratch. It starts by spraying a tack coat on the existing surface and then adding an asphalt mix to it. The asphalt mix is then rolled with an asphalt roller to achieve the proper density and compaction rating. This is a much faster and more affordable option than having to rip out the entire surface.

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